Earn 10 hours per week.

Leads in the box is your favorite Linkedin prospecting tool. In 5 minutes, you have created an automatic prospecting and contact system. In 5 minutes, you save 10 hours a week.

You automate your prospecting on Linkedin in a few clicks.


Start the search

You launch a search on Sales Navigator or Linkedin. You import it into Leads in the box and the magic happens. What is the magic? It’s the automatic import of the search results and their processing: filtering, cleaning and consolidation of the data.
This is what Leads in the box, the Linkedin prospecting tool, is capable of.


Create your campaign

Leads in the box allows you to create a Linkedin prospecting campaign in just 5 minutes. The campaign will allow you to define the messages you want to use to contact prospects.
A good Linkedin prospecting tool is also a dashboard that contains all your statistics: accepted invitation rate, response rate, etc.


Let’s go!

Your campaign is launched! Leads in the box takes care of sending the lead requests to your prospects. Then, as soon as a prospect accepts the contact, he will receive the series of messages that you have chosen. As soon as a prospect responds, the process stops and you can respond and convert them into a customer!

They talk about us

The easiest Linkedin prospecting tool on the market

They tested it and tell us about it. Read the most recent reviews about us.

Easy to use
Quick to set up
Without commitment
Hugo L.

“I was looking for a new position recently. I didn’t want to spend my days on Linkedin so I could have more time to spend on my training. Since the subscription is no commitment, I used it for 1 month and found a new opportunity!”

Audrey Hamez

“I have a lot of appointments every week. Each of those appointments is a potential client and justifies the time I spend preparing for them. That’s why I let him handle the prospecting, it gives me more time for my appointments.”

Alexandre Delforge

“I’ve been using it to recruit DevOps for several months now. I let it contact potential candidates while I work. All I have to do is make an appointment with the ones who respond.”

Quentin Drumez

“I use the tool for my web and mobile development agency. It allows me to focus on managing teams rather than prospecting!”

Turn Linkedin into a lead machine now

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